Who should use Qvamp?

For event locations and vendors.
For individuals and large teams.

Whether you are a venue owner, an event manager, or an event supplier, software Qvamp will become your go-to partner. It will let you fully prepare for every occasion, ensure that you don't forget anything, and free you from paper administration.

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With Qvamp, you can do whatever you want.


You will never forget the customer

You are completely aware of how many events you are managing for any specific client, when to call, and what you have been doing.


Excel | CRM | Email


Overview | Active Sales | Customer Database
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All inquiries are collected in one location.

Whether the inquiry comes via the web, the phone, or email, you always have them available to you in one location. You can save time and hassles by using Qvamp to help you examine the inquiries and handle a variety of tasks.


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Make your work easier and do more.

In just two minutes, create a customised offer. include delivery to the customer. Establish its legitimacy. The offer will be taken care of by Qvamp. The customer formally confirms in Qvamp.


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Tome | Calm | You can do more
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Keep events fully under control

Tools for 100% event preparation include data on personnel, finances, activities, inventory, interactive forms, and many more. regardless of the number, 20 or 200.


Excel | Google Calendar | Word | Everything so far


100% control | Organisation | Time | Automation
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It will be a million times faster to work with vendors.

Make a database of your preferred event vendors. Be at the centre of the event's planning, and be explicit about who provides what and when and for how much.


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Time | Order | Automation | Overview of suppliers
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What reactions have we heard to Qvamp?

I thought it was just better excel. Oh, wrong.
Oh, great, that'll make my job easier.
I won't have to do complicated reports for management.
Finally, I won't have to do special things for the staff.
It keeps track of a lot of things for me, which is great.
Looks very nice.
I'm finally getting a handle on the events.
All in one place, that's great.
It's great for substitutability.

Features you will appreciate

E-agreements and documents

You can have more than just event contracts electronically since clutter befriends one another.

The Regulation of the European Parliament and Council No. 910/2014 on Electronic Identification and Trust Services for Electronic Transactions in the Internal Market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC ("eIDAS") governs the entire process of electronic contract signing. Act 297/2016 Coll., our Act


Word | Email | Printer and scanner


Time | Document Management | Order
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You will have the data you need to expand your event business.

What do you make your money on? How many events have you had? What is the success rate of inquiries? How satisfied are your customers? What to do differently? Qvamp can answer these and other questions with smart reports.


Excel | Searching in papers


Overview | Information at a moment | Time
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Communicate with the customer directly from Qvamp.

Events are always changing today. You can communicate with Qvamp directly and make adjustments to the individual offer or event thanks to the Qvamp Client Portal.


Email | Telephone


Overview of changes | History | Automation
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Connect Qvamp with hotel systems and other applications

Area and room availability, the option to send a bill, and a host of other connections are all available.

We are currently preparing:

Hedurio | Previo | Hoteltime | Better Hotel | iDoklad
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...more apps will be added

Simple drag & drop event floor planning.

Your life will be made easier by the seating and table arrangement planner. You will know exactly how to arrange the tables, who will sit where, what foods are acceptable, etc. View everything in plain sight or print them off.


Excel | Paper


Time | Smart Solution
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High performance tools

Interactive forms, such as those used to make event schedules. a list of your personal possessions that you might potentially assign to an event. tracking various cost categories. calendars that are extra. Business equipment. We need to add more tools.

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Why use the Event management software?

Event management software makes it easier for managers to carry out their daily tasks by centralising all relevant data on events, budgets, and staff. It also automates and digitises all necessary processes. Time is saved, and their firm is successful as a result. The finest option you'll find is Qvamp. because we co-create it with event managers like you..

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